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My Awakening

For the last 4 years or so, I was seeing the numbers 222. The numbers kept appearing  to  me in the most random, but constant ways. Even down to my previous addresses. I was thinking, this is a sign from God, I gotta go play the lottery with this number. I gotta be seeing these numbers for something. But of course that didn't work. I began to put in my mind that when February 22 came around, I would receive some type of luck. And when February 22nd came around, of course that didn't happen. I finally let it go, and took it as a coincidence. It wasn't until I was in a situation where I was challenged to use my intuition instead of my mind. I really struggled with determining what my mind was telling me, vs my Heart. After making a swift decision, that same night, I finally had the inclination, or rather, I finally was able to listen to my intuition and just google, "why do I  keep seeing 222"? What I discovered next changed my life. I was blown away by my discoveries. I learned that we are synchronized with (Time) through numbers, which carries Universal Vibrational Energies, and letters that we use in our day to day vocabulary, carry the vibration of the number that it represents. This is called Numerology.  I thought back to when the numbers started to appear for me, and it was around the time where I just learned what the law attraction was. I was always curious about life from a Universal perspective. I was also curious about different religions and how the world worked in general, and at one point I even questioned my own faith. I was in a dark place mentally on a quest for more. That's around that time I read the book, The Power of Now, which talks about separating your Ego from your Higher Self. The combination of my practice of visualizing positive affirming thoughts, and deep struggle to remove my Ego (after much practice), allowed me to tap into a Universal Force. I just wasn't aware of it. After learning about Numerology and Astrology and how it related to my exact Date of Birth and Time, I was able to connect the Dots of all of the (Why) questions that I had about (my) life. Here's what I learned.

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Your path to understanding why you made the choice to be here. 



Through Astrology

Your Birth Chart, or NATO Chart can give you so much insight, and crack many codes in your search of understanding yourself. The exact time you were born, there was a snapshot of the sky, displaying how the planets in the Universal Solar System were aligned. The exact alignment of each planet sends you certain vibrations at different cycles of your life. This makes up your Birth/NATO chart. This may explain certain moodiness that you may all of a sudden feel, certain ambitions, even, and/or constant obstacles that you may have, or maybe experiencing. You would do yourself great justice by taking a look at yours.

K.Beans Birth Chart


Astrology is the Road-map for your Soul

Most of us boast proudly, of what our Birth month is, even if your sign only resonates a little to your personality and make-up. I know that even before I understood Astrology, I was always a proud Leo. I didn't even agree with everything that it said about how I should be as a Leo. But I still always felt that overall energy of how the Leo is described. That's because Astrology does (matter), and its all around us. Our Soul Knows truth. If you are able to see how something so broad, being the Month that your were  born can give you insight about yourself. Imagine the insight you can gain about yourself by narrowing your search of self down to your exact Birthday. I had no clue that my Spirit Animal was a Peacock, but knowing that now explains a lot about my personality and my Souls reason for having this physical experience. Its mind blowing what you find out about yourself. Click here to find out your Spirit Animal