Loving yourself, and Knowing yourself is not a physical experience. Why you need your Life Path #.

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Your Life Path Number is extremely vital to your life's journey and the reason (you), your soul chose to come back to this life time. From the date you were born, you were destined to be here. In the most far fetched of your imagination that you can go, please imagine your soul choosing to come back to this lifetime with a specific set of skills and talents, that are exclusively unique to you. There is, and will ever be another (you). So it would be very wise to hone in on your special gifts as you are the only one who can fulfill your true Soul Purpose in the manner that you can deliver. Those special gifts come in a variety of different forms. Some of us are extremely dope writers, film makers, painters, artists, ready and equipped to add to the beauty and harmony of the Universe. While others have very strong sense awareness, intuition, and physic abilities. Then there are some who are very wise teachers, healers, activist, and philanthropist. Whatever your life path is, embrace it as it is the right path for your Soul.

Your Life Path is determined by your Date of Birth. Month+Day+Year= Life Path

For Example: If your Birthday is January 15, 1995, you would add the month of your birth day, in this case it is the number 1 (for January) to 1+5. The Day of this birthday is 15. Whenever there is a double digit number, add the numbers until there is a single number. The day 15 is calculated 1+5= 6. So far, we have the month+day 1+6. Now we need to add the year. Before we add the year, we have to add it until its a single digit. In this case, the year is 1995. It is calculated 1+9+9+5=24. Because we came up with a double digit, we now have to make it into a single digit. We will add 2+4=6. We can now add the entire birthday.

Month: 1 + Day: 6 + Year: 6

1+6+6= 13 (add to get single digit) 1+3 = 4

A person with this birthday is a life Path 4

Whats yours?

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