What does your numbers say about you? Are you aligned with your True Soul Purpose?

Interesting enough, we often use the term, Numbers Don't Lie. I find this to be true in its most accurate sense. Especially when you factor in Numerology. There is nothing to be manipulated or inflated, as you are already aligned with the Universe. You are Aligned in the Universe's most Sacred forms of communication. The exact (moment in time) when you were born, that snapshot of how the planets aligned has a great deal of significance as to what drives you, and why your Soul chose to come back to this life time. To accept Numerology, i s accepting that (fact) that we are Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience. Our Spirit is what is connected to a Higher Source. Some refer to this Higher Source as The Divine, some say that it is God, and some refer to this Higher Source as the Most High, either way, your Spirit is directly connected to it. It already knows why you are here having this Physical Experience. Numerology and Astrology are our Soul Guides through this particular lifetime. Why not give your Soul its best shot!?

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